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CRECHE is a non-government organization founded in Kenya in 1997, which advocates for the promotion of holistic, child-centred rights approach to all programmes on early childhood care, survival, participation, protection, education, development & youth empowerment.

CRECHE works closely with parents, children, line ministries, partners working with and for children.

The main mandate of CRECHE is to champion for the provision of holistic child development through policy interventions, advocacy and awareness creation to community through CBOs for effective implementation of its programmes.

Since its inception, CRECHE's focus area has revolved around early childhood education and development in particular the promotion of quality life for every child right from inception and the provision of equity and quality early childhood education.

CRECHE strongly believes in and promotes early intervention measures as critical components of early childhood education and development with specific reference to sensitization of communities, parents/guardians and caregivers & special emphasis on
health and nutritional challenges.

This approach is for the best interest of the child & has helped to contribute to implementing the child’s rights agenda & achieving national, regional & international goals.Currently, CRECHE is also involved in advocating for the Right of the Child to Play as an integral part of early learning and child’s right as enshrined in Articles 31 and 12 of UN Convention on the Right of the Child (UNCRC) and the African Chatter on the Right and Welfare of the Child (ACRWC) respectively.

CRECHE has a secretariat and a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in child focused projects and programs and has partnered with reputable local, regional and international organizations including and not limited to Save the Children, United Nations Children’s Funds(UNICEF),United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO), Plan-Kenya, International Play Association(IPA), Ministry of Education (MOE),Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development(KICD), Children’s Department, National Council Of Children’s Services (NCCS),The African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect( ANPPCAN) Africa Region and Kenya Chapter, Kenya Alliance for the Advancement of Children (KAACR), ElimuYetu Coalition(EYC),The Children’s Rights
Advisory Documentation and Legal Centre(CRADLE) and Girl Child Network(GCN).

CRECHE networks with the many organizations mentioned above. This has contributed to its growth and success in its work & impact in child development.

Some notable programs & activities CRÈCHE has undertaken are in the field of curriculum development in ECED policies & guidelines, work on (Developing Alternative Complementary and Comprehensive Approaches to ECED’’, promoting child protection and participation through training, intergenerational discussions, awareness creation on UNCRC, Children’s Act, national plans, policies through holding workshops, seminars and forums, monitoring and evaluation.

CRECHE has also recorded and documented children’s voices through survey, research, consultations and use of media. CRECHE has been part of preparation & writing of State Party reports & Civil Society complementary reports to the UNCRC and ACRWC

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